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Seeliger y Conde Amrop

Family-owned companies


Sector characteristics



Family-owned companies face important challenges to their continuity, and require the following actions:

  • Ensure succession from one generation to another
  • Increase their size and investment capacity
  • Professionalize their management without affecting the positive cultural values of a family organization
  • Learn to innovate
  • Become more international

What skills are needed now

The executive of a family-owned company must be a well-rounded professional in both technical and management skills, and furthermore must have strong values, principles and ideals that fit culturally with those of the family that owns the company he or she is leading: respect for these values, motivation, loyalty and commitment, austerity and personal sacrifice, and long-term vision. These executives must also understand some of the characteristics of this type of company: a tendency to be local, difficulty with change, difficulty to incorporate new shareholders, emotional conflicts that can affect the business, limited professional development due to the presence of family members within management and unclear boundaries, for example, between property and management.

Our experience

Amrop Seeliger y Conde has helped and advised the majority of Spanish family-owned companies on very diverse projects: the reorganization of management bodies, analysis of management teams, restructuring of organizations, executive searches, coaching for family members and/or executives at these types of companies, etc. In addition to bringing objectivity, credibility, trustworthiness and methodology in our work, Amrop Seeliger y Conde, an independent entity with general partners with executive experience in various sectors, is different from the competition because it brings flexibility and agility in decision-making, the ability to establish long-term relations of trust and a greater understanding of, and affinity with the owner. We ourselves are entrepreneurs.

How we work

At Amrop Seeliger y Conde, we start with an in-depth knowledge of our clients and their strategies, objectives and culture, based on these we work together to find the best fit for the executive’s technical and cultural skills and ensure the success of their management.

Amrop Seeliger y Conde’s clients include prestigious Spanish and international companies that we have helped to expand internationally.

Amrop Seeliger y Conde continuously monitors the sector:

  • Identifying local and international trends.
  • Developing sector intelligence by following key positions.
  • Tracking the professional development of executives in key companies and identifying potential talent.


Luis Conde


Telephone: (+34) 932 15 05 05
Fax: (+34) 93 215 78 87

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